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Kwa Zulu Natal food drop

In partnership with the Durban, South Africa charity "Liv with Hope", we have started to distribute food to those in need within the Kwa Zulu Natal region of Durban. Kwa Zulu Natal, an area with historical poverty and deprivation has recently been hit with a huge economic crisis, due to the recent riots and factors exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting not only the most at risk but also families who had hugely detrimental lifestyle shifts due to the pandemic. This is the second food drop campaign we've been able to fund since Covid -19 and this is the first of many that will be coming in the next few weeks. However, we can't feed everyone and for some people, this may be the only thing they have to eat all day, sometimes longer. Thank you to everyone who has supported with this campaign and uber thanks to Vernie, Josh, Mervyn and Ria for doing the hard work and distributing the food to those in need. Watch this space for further updates and keep your eyes and ears open to the things that are going on around the globe. The rioting was barely reported globally and the idea of South Africa being a rich country massively detracts from the needs populations experiencing deprivation have. This is one country that experiences this level of deprivation and there but for the grace of God go I, most of us can be thankful that these are not experiences some of us will ever have to live through.

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