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Evolve Education Group Covid-19 Contingency Plan and update.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) contingency planning

As you will be aware, the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government plans are rapidly changing. We continue to follow the advice from Public Health England regarding our response. Due to the nationwide lockdown commencing on 5th November 2020, we have to ensure that we are protecting our staff, students, and necessary visitors. Currently, the guidance is clear that schools should remain open as usual, but that we should take extra precautions such as encouraging regular and thorough hand-washing throughout the day.

We are following guidance that washing hands are the preferred option to limit the spread of infection. Students at Evolve YA are to wash their hands regularly. We also have small amounts of alcohol-based hand gels at Evolve YA that students are able to use under supervision.

We are also encouraging that, where possible, staff, students, and visitors wear either masks or clear visors when in close proximity to other people. These will be supplied, as best as possible, to students; however, staff and visitors are expected to have and use their own supplies.

Where possible, visitors and visiting professionals are not permitted to be on-site, and meetings are to be put on hold for all staff and if there is a necessity for a meeting to take place, this will be done remotely through Goggle Meet.

Evolve Gym

Our Evolve YA community accessible gym will be closed from 5th November 2020 until further notice. Again, this is to protect those who would ordinarily use the gym, but also staff who will still be required to use and clean the area. All members have been made aware of the requirements, but staff will also ensure, day-to-day, that the gym remains closed to the public.

Academy Closure

In the event of academy closure, parents will be informed via text message and email, and this information will also be available on the website. We have remote access to these platforms, so we will be able to email and text with updates.

It is essential, if the academy closes, that students are given opportunities to work at home. Books, online learning links, and live resource links will be sent home and available to students on or before the day of closure, but if the academy needs to close suddenly, these packs will be emailed to parents and students. If Evolve YA is required to close for an extended period of time, further plans will be made to ensure students’ learning can continue as much as possible. This will be achieved through sessions on Google Meet and through a shared Google drive (alongside student-specific individual Google drives).

Staff Absence

It is possible that for a period of time, the academy will be open, but staff may be absent.  If staff absence occurs that impedes standard delivery, we will do everything we can to remain open, but on the grounds of health and safety, we may have to take the decision to close.  However, this would be a last resort.

Current advice on self-isolation

There are updated guidelines regarding staying at home and self-isolating.  Please use the link for the most up to date information and advice:

This is a rapidly-changing situation, and we are doing what we can to be prepared for any decisions that are made. We will keep all staff, students, parents and visiting or partnership professionals updated as soon as we know any further information.

We ask for your continued support and cooperation as we make decisions in the best interests of our students and to safeguard and protect the health and welfare of our academy community and our local and national communities as a whole.

Kindest regards,

Lewis Clarke

Director of Academy

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