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Exercise has a profound and powerful effect on the body, but some individuals are
unable to access necessary facilities or activities due to several factors, including:

  • Issues with mobility;

  • Social Anxiety;

  • Lack of understanding due to misguidance;

To increase the opportunity for people within our community to access the fundamental
tenets to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Physical fitness;

  • Skill-related fitness:

  • Mental and emotional fitness;

  • Nutritional fitness;

  • Social fitness.

  • Medical fitness

We are proposing we do this in smaller groups with the capacity to engage, encourage
and allow for growth in confidence, ability, and most of all well-being.

We have developed adapted fitness classes for children and adults with disabilities. Our classes require no specialist equipment, are entirely bodyweight and movement-based, and inclusive of anyone who would find accessing a gym or maintaining a physical fitness routine difficult. We will equip those who take part with the skills to continue and develop their own routines, learn new fitness-based skills along with the opportunity to meditate and find some time of peace and information around healthy diets and eating and to experience this with others,
whether in person or private live streaming.


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