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Our Project is free for local young people and can lead to a qualification. We want to create a holistic project that offers young people the opportunity to engage in several activities, gain skills and knowledge, access available mentoring and advocacy, and long-term development to identify and work towards careers or training goals and opportunities.


Using the Evolve Youth, Training and Education Academy, we will provide a project through a 12 week period that will involve:

Arts activities -  we have multifunctional multimedia spaces,  using music and visual media arts, showing the young people how to compose, record and perform music whilst teaching them about the history of music. This will be coupled with a visual arts process of taking photographs, making documentaries and music videos and enabling the young people to gain one of the following:

  • Arts Award Bronze -  Level 1

  • Arts Award Silver -  Level 2

  • Arts Award Gold - Level 3

Mechanics activities -  Our mechanic's provision will offer three qualifications at level 1 and one qualification at level 2 to allow young people to gain knowledge, experience and qualification through a portfolio-based curriculum to allow potential access to higher education and continued career development.

Mental well-being sessions: Mental well-being is a vital part of our projects, and we use meditation and exercise as parts of our sessions, using them as an artistic 'warm-up'. Our experience working with disengaged, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and vulnerable community members will enable us to help those young people who are most at risk within our community to access a positive provision.

Gym sessions:  Utilising the gym contributes to several factors that promote the improvement of physical health and has been set up to help young people shape their body & strengthen their mind.

Our curriculums are accredited by Trinity College, OCR and ABC/CERTA. In collaboration with our partners, we can also offer accredited courses up to level 5 on the national education framework, including GCSEs, functional skills and automotive courses. In addition, we also have IAG qualified staff that can support the continued provision and identification of prospective developmental routes for our young people.

Objectives of the project


  • To reduce exclusion rates

  • To reduce crime rates

  • prevention of Gang grooming

  • To enable young people to develop into valued members of society by encouraging self-worth

  • To bridge the gap between youth groups/services and young people by making the relevant connections

  • Create Peer Mentors

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